The Thinking Man

The Thinking Man


Cake pictured is 6 inches and feeds 15-20 people - please fill out product form for your specific requirements.

  • Flavour: The Red Velvet – Moist red velvet sponge filled and frosted with our oh so delicious cream cheese frosting

  • Ingredients: Organic flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, rapeseed oil, fair trade sugar, large free range eggs, white wine vinegar, madagascan vanilla bean, red icing color, sour cream, organic cream cheese, Icing sugar, Lescure premium French butter

Please note that all of our cakes are uniquely created using our BLUSH model to showcase what made each recipient BLUSH (beautiful, loved, unique, special and human). As such your cake will not be an exact replica but will be adapted to suit you.

Delivery to London only.

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